A Glimpse Into The Past

It is March 2005. I am looking out of my window on Greece looking at the terraces, now much eroded and abandoned, on the hillside opposite. I wonder about the people who created those terraces and their lives. What were people's lives like on the islands when there were not ferries as we know them today? What did they eat, what did they wear, how did they furnish their homes? Everything that was not made on the island had to be imported by boat, remember.

I like looking at abandoned houses in the Greek countryside, and asking myself the same questions. Sometimes at first glance I assume that the structure is an abandoned house for animals. Then I look more closely and see shelves built into the walls. A house for humans, not animals.

A few years ago I spent some time in the British Library reading various books by visitors to Greece in the past. These articles are some of the results of that research.

Travvelling between the islands in the past