I usually catch a late night flight from London to Athens, and catch a bus from Athens airport to Piraeus, arriving at Piraeus for a boat leaving between 7 and 8 a.m.

You can check ferry timetables at Greek Travel Pages

If you are travelling at a busy time of year - peak season or a Greek holiday period - think about booking your ferry in advance. There are links to ferry company web sites on Greek Travel pages, and you can book many ferry tickets on-line. Check the ticket collecton arrangements - if you have to collect the tickets from an office in Pireaus, make sure you know where the offcie is, and the opening times.


I sometimes catch an internal flight to my island destination. A plane fare may not cost much more than the fare on a 'High Speed'. There are several flights a day to bigger islands, but often just one to a smaller island. So although planes are fast, I would rather leave Piraeus at say 7.30 a.m. than catch a plane at 2 p.m. You also need to take account of the luggage allowance on internal flights (usually lower than on international flights), and consider how you will get from the airport on your chosen island o your destination.