Chios town is one of the noisiest and most trafffic ridden places I have ever been in Greece. It was also difficult to find anywhere to get a decent meal. Most of the establishments on the sea front consisted of bars with the counters open to the sea front and blaring out loud music. I say open to the sea front. There was a road the size of a motorway between the footpath and the sea. I did find one decent place to eat, round by the vehicle loading area of the docks. Nothing to look at but trails of HGVs waiting to board ferries.

My view of Chios may be slightly jaundiced by the fact that my luggage went astray, and did not arrive on the plane I arrived on. Slightly jaundiced, but not unjustly so, I would say.

I did enjoy the days I spent staying outside Chios Town.

Mesta is a lovely medieval village. Obviously there must have been much restoration, but walking through the gatreway you really did get a sense of stepping into the past. The accommodation was very good quality. As was the food. There are a lot of coach trips in the day time, which means well stocked tavernas, and plenty of choice for the few people staying here overnight. And the traffic free paths of the town were particularly welcome after the noise of Chios!

I also stayed at nearby Pirgos. A more workaday sort of place than Mesta, but very attractive nonetheless.