I visited Fourni in 1998 and found it a very quiet and relaxing sort of place.

The port village has an unusual (for a small Greek island) grid pattern, like a small Greek town plonked on a small Greek island. A difficult island to get around. I did not get to the other village of Chrisomilia. No buses, no taxis. There was a dustcart and I did consider thumbing a lift in that. One day I went to a beach over the headland from the port, at Kambi. The owners of a small bar there gave me and the other customers a lift back to Fourni in their small fishing boat.

There were a number of old-fashioned grocers and cafes - almost as if some of them were private houses having an ‘at home’!

There were quite a few Greek soldiers on Fourni - I noted that they were repelling the Turks with music and backgammon!

Many of the small country churches in Fourni has tables and benches in the courtyard - obviosuly designed for panagia, but ideal for a picnic as well!