Greek elections

A Greek general election is taking place on Sunday 4 October 2009.

Here you can browse some news in English about the elections.

I have been visiting Greece since 1981 and, inevitably, some of my visits have coincided with Greek elections. My first visit to Greece in October 1981 coincided with a Greek general election. Some memories of that holiday:- kafenenions transformed into party HQ; travelling back from Santorini to Piraeus on a very overcrowded small ferry [this was long before the days of computer ticketing] on the day before the election, a ferry so crowded that there was hardly room to stand and certainly no seats; trying to eat in Athens and finding only one taverna open and that closed at about 8 p.m., so the owner could go home and watch the election results on TV [this was before TVs were to be found in most tavernas].

I'll be adding some stories about my experiences of elections in Greece. If you will be in Greece around election time, book any essential ferry travel in advance - many Greeks will be travelling to or from the mainland to vote, and ferries are likely to be very busy.

The arrival of the troops on Schinoussa

Leaving Fourni in the run up to the election

Greek elections - October 1981

Election Talk in Lipsi

Paros at Election Time - 1981

Mykonos at Election Time - 1981