Greek election news

A selection of news in English about the Greek elections.

26 September 2009

ND and PASOK turn up election heat
Immigration to challenge next premier

25 September 2009

It’s all about qualifying

24 September 2009

Some issues should be left alone
ND bids for last-minute turnaround

23 September 2009

Debate gives voters much to ponder

22 September 2009

The podium as confessional

21 September 2009

German model for projects

19 September 2009

ND and PASOK ready to play their final cards
State lists can make a difference

18 September 2009

PASOK extends lead over ND
The day after October 4

16 September 2009

Jesters and straight talkers

15 September 2009

Electoral law is due for change
EU awaiting post-election update
ND unveils poll lineup

14 September 2009

Accord between EU Kosovo mission, Serbia causes stir
Papandreou’s plan to revive the economy
Parties’ economic policies are short on specifics, long on generalities
Silly games, serious questions

12 September 2009

Empty pledges in bad taste
PASOK jarred by Simitis rebuff

10 September 2009

PM appeals to the young and disenchanted
Election promises focus on taxes
Patience recommended

9 September 2009

Need for substantial discussion
Parties reach agreement on two TV debates

8 September 2009

Party leaders prepare for crucial face-off
What the people expect

7 September 2009

PM vows to stay put and push reforms
Type of fiscal consolidation could be key for economy

5 September 2009

Stage set for election campaign
Call to inform on land-grabbers

4 September 2009

PM appeals to voters as date set for elections