Meganisi 1989

Meganisi is a small island in the Ionian, off Nidri and not far from Kalamos.

Nidri was too package tourist oriented for my liking, so I caught a small landing craft type ferry (the 'Levkas') to Spartochori on Meganisi.

I climbed from the port up to the small Chora, and enquired at a kafeneion about rooms. And so on this small island II came to stay at the most luxurious accommodation I have ever stayed at in Greece, and at a very reasonable price - a flat (the first floor of a detached house) with sitting-room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. Outside there was a balcony running most or all of the way round the building, wiith magificant views. Later glancing at literature in the flat I found that this too was geared to package tourists in season. With just the one bathroom, the flat would not have been as comfortable when fully occupied.

There was a taverna in the village, but the food on offer was very limited. I recall that one course was just one gigante bean - that was all the taverna had!

Meganissi is a pleasant little island, and I enjoyed strolling around. Tourism was (in 1989, things may have changed by now) very low key. I doubt if there were any, or many, other placs for tourists to stay on the island.