Mykonos at Election Time in 1981

It was during the run up to an election and many of the cafes in Mykonos were doing duty as temporary party headquarters, so much so that I remember finding it difficult to find a cafe functioning as a cafe. How different it all is today with the sea front lined with cafes and many more behind. I stayed at the Hotel Delphines in 1981. I do not remember any tourist shops near the hotel. In 1996, the Hotel Delphines was still there, but I could barely see the front door for all the tourist shop paraphernalia around it. I ate at Spiro’s taverna on the sea front, because the position was good, and I do not remember it being particularly touristy. Spiro’s was still there in 1996 but not open at the time of my visit. Looking back through my old notes – the place at which I ate in 1981 may have been called Petro’s. Then again, was I confusing the name of a pelican (past or present) with the name of a taverna?

Susan Watkin