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UPDATE 2016 Olympic Air and Aegean merged a few years ago. Some internal flights are still operated under the "Olympic" name.

I have a flight booked with Olympic Airlines on 2 October 2009. On 17 September 2009 it was announced that Olympic Air will take over from Olympic Airlines on 1 October 2009. But what will happen to the flights formerly operated by Olympic Airlines? Olympic Air will only run 65% of Olympic Airlines' schedule. Read on ……………… If all does not become clear soon I may again end up in Cleethorpes, not Katapola………….

What planes will Olympic Air be operating? Here is one of the planes, formerly operated by Mandala Airlines of Indonesia.

29 September 2009

Lacking any news about the flight on Friday 2 October, as Olympic Air is now starting operations today, I had a look at the Heathrow website, in particular arrivals and departures. I tried yestrday, and when I searched for Athens the website had the computer equivalent of a headache and refused to play.

Today, the OA265 arrival from Athens was scheduled t land at 21.10. The expected time was 21.49 (which had already passed when I looked at the website). With Olympic Airlines a late arrival was very unusual, as the flights often took less than the 4 hours allotted for the flight. 22.00 - the flight is still shown as expected at 21.49. We should be thankful that the flight is actually running…………

22.01 - the departure of OA266 to Athens is shown as delayed from 22.15 to 23.00. Ho, hum.

22.04 - the flight OA265 is shown as landed at 21.48.

Athens Airport Aviation News

Athens Airport Aviation News
There is a list of the flights that are being abandoned - including Athens - Manchester.
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Here is an Olympic Air timetable from 29/09/2009 to 24/10/2009.

26 September 2009

Olympic Airlines successor takes over Tuesday: airline

25 September 2009

MIG Files A 3 Mil. Euro Lawsuit Against Greek Foreign Minister

18 September 2009

CEO Andreas Vgenopoulos said the new Olympic will operate 65% of the old airline's schedule. Scroll down this page to find this statement. Which are the 35% of services that will not run?
Privatised OA goals outlined

17 September 2009

Privatised Olympic Air says set for launch Oct 1
Privatised OA goals outlined
Greece's new, private Olympic Air to take off Oct. 1

16 September 2009

Olympic Air To Operate Routes After Cancelation Of Tenders

Olympic Airlines cease operation 28SEP09

14 September 2009

After September 30 More than 1500 Olympic Passengers ''Up in Air''