I enjoyed my stay in the old town of Rhodes, perhaps because it was not high season and many of the tourist traps away from the main street were closed. One street was very busy with tourists. I noticed that post card and other stands were strategically placed to deter tourists from heading off the main lane lined with tourist shops. To get to my hotel (off the main tourist path) I had to sidle through postcard stands.

The museums in Rhodes are splendid, as are the buildings in the old town. Rhodes has struck me as a place it would be pleasant to visit for a long winter weekend.

I spent a part of a day in Rhodes before heading off on the Symi 1 (or it may have been the Symi 2) to Symi. The Symi 1 was in, and I left my luggage on board whilst I went into town. So for then the Symi 1 was my home. In the shops salespeople asked tourists which of the cruise ships they were off. I was waiting for someone to ask me which ship i was off - the Symi I would not have been the expected answer!