What To Take

Socks, underwear………………….. I won't bore you with the basics. These are some of the things that I find it useful to bring, and some things that it is useful to buy in Greece.

  • travelling clothes line and spare pegs, and travel wash liquid. Washing as you go along means bringing fewer clothes and more space for other things. You do need enough clothes to allow for a change of clothing or two if it is raining and you cannot get your washing dry.
  • adapter plugs. I bring a laptop, digital camera with a rechargeable battery, a portable CD player.

multi-socket adapters. Sometimes you may find that your room does not have enough sockets, or enough sockets in the right places. I have a couple of 3 way adapters that cost less than 2 euros each. Greek sockets, and adapter plugs, come with two different sizes of holes / prongs. I find that multi-socket adapters work with both types of plug/ socket.

  • mug sized immersion type water heater. I bought this gadget in Greece, with a Greek plug - takes up less space than one with an English plug, and does not need an adapter plug.
  • micro-foss. This is the Greek name for a type of night-light. They are very small and cost not much more than a euro. One micro-foss can light a room (a subdued light), and from close too give enough light to read by. Not so long ago the lights in Greek rooms seemed very dim, now they are often bright and harsh. A micro-foss, especially if you use a transparent yellow bulb, can give a warm candle-like glow to a room. Sometimes micro-foss are sold with plastic covers, or plastic flowers. I usually discard these trimmings - they are not operational parts of the light.